Andrew Couzens

Andrew Couzens is a Kyoto based, British multimedia artist. Co organiser of Kyoto Festival of Modular, Modular Café Kyoto, and Channel.

Exhibited Artwork: Sound Performance

Born in Cancun Mexico currently residing in Kyoto, Japan.

Producer, Dj of electronic music.

Performing live music using modular synthesizers.




Exhibited Artwork: Ambient J14


Installation & Workshop
Thomas Ortiz

“Thomas Ortiz is a French artist and engineer based in Kyoto. His work focuses on the issues concerning energy, environment and human lifestyles in this era of energy transition.

In 2012, he graduated from the “Institut National Polytechnique in France following an Art and Science Program.

After graduated, he co-founded a start-up aiming to develop the use of innovative and sustainable materials in creative communities of architects and designers. Since 2015 he has been working in Paris with Atelier21, a think tank focusing on energy transition through social innovation.

He is also the co-founder of Paléo-énergétique, an international open-research program investigating the past to exhumate forgotten innovations and patents in the public domain in the field of energy and ecology.

After a discovery made through Paleo-energetic program, he has been working on the development of RegenBox, the first open-source alkaline battery regenerator used to collect data on the Alkaline batteries of the market.

He has been actively giving conferences and workshop in several events and universities around the world.”

Exhibited Artwork: RegenBox


Sayuka Taketsuna

Affiliation: 2nd grade student, graduate school of Kobe Design University

Research area: Interaction between image and video device

I am creating artworks feeling nostalgic.

Exhibited Artwork: Kino Cycles – Immaterial runaround


Kumi Kaguraoka

“The body is a tool to interact with the world through one’s senses.” As an artist, this is my statement regarding art.

By utilizing contemporary technology and historical verification, through my art, I will be paying attention to “beauty” that has been influencing the “body” in the history of human beings. Currently, we are advancing the creation of a device that guesses the aesthetic body of the present and the future from the history of the birth of human beings, with the concept of “aesthetic body’s metamorphose”to create that aesthetic body. The work I have done so far is not merely a modeled object but a work that functions based on the concept. Therefore, before I start working, I always start by researching about the concept, the materials and how to make the artworks. Based on that research and after clarifying the vision presented to society as well as the image of the work, I start creating art.

The “Body”, the axis of statements and concept, is what everyone has and can share about. Since it can approach not only art but also aspects of design, science, history, etc., my vision of presenting new creations requires articulate planning, research and presenting the results to society. I have been working on clarifying this vision through my works for the past few years.

I believe that this creation goes beyond the realm of art. I intend for my creations to lead to a new future, which does not get caught up by common sense, and instead encompasses the possibility of changing existing values.

Exhibited Artwork: 美的身体のメタモルフォーゼ – Metamorphose of aesthetic body
Lorenzo Oggiano

Lorenzo Oggiano (1964, Padova) is an italian interdisciplinary artist working in photography, video, new media, installations and assemblages.

He has a MA degree in Visual Arts from the University of Bologna (D.A.M.S.). Since the early 1990s Oggiano has been engaged in an artistic and theoretical research concerning the biological, sensorial and cognitive mutations induced by technologies, and the aesthetic and communicative potentiality of new media tools.

His works have been shown internationally in museums, galleries and art spaces – Pratt Manhattan Gallery, Ars Electronica Center, Cinémathèque Française, Eyebeam Art+Technology Center, WRO Art Center, Naturhistorisches Museum Wien, Kunsthaus Dresden, Hong Kong Space Museum, Palazzo dei Congressi Roma, CCCB, Art-Science Node Berlin, Museo Nacional Reina Sofia, Museo Nazionale del Cinema di Torino, among others – and can be found in several public and private collections.

Lorenzo Oggiano currently lives and works in Sassari, Italy.

Exhibited Artwork: Environmental Monitoring System
Video & Sound
Hideaki Iio

Cabot is a robot for solo musicians. Just simply attach Cabot to a cajon box drum and then you can enjoy a whole new performing experience: jamming with a robot.

Exhibited Artwork: CABOT


William Klaesson

I’ve been doing video work since 2011, and a recurring theme has been nonsense and no sense.

Im Swedish but have lived in 7 countries so far, one of them is Japan. I studied Japanese in Kyoto 2010.

I studied fine arts at the Nordic Art School in Kokkola and at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Den Haag, to name a few.

Exhibited Artwork: Hold an umbrella over your mind


Julien Masson

“My background is in Fine Art (BAHons) and an MA in computer animation. I studied in the UK, France and Italy.

As an artist I pursue a wide range of artistic interests from painting, sculpture to animation. I exhibited my Art in galleries and cultural venues in the UK and abroad.

Experimentation and innovation are important to my artistic practice and I am always seeking new ideas and new ways of expression. As an artist, I wish to expand the notions of what is Art and creativity and participate in the very dynamic dialogue between Science and the Arts.

I worked on several projects collaborating actively with Scientists to produce Art based from their research. I often look at Science to inform and inspire my artworks, in some way many relate to Technology, Science and our relation with Nature. “

Exhibited Artwork: Acidification


Koji Hashimoto

Koji Hashimoto, Professor of physics, Osaka university.

Theoretical physicist. Born in 1973. Working on research in theoretical particle physics and superstring theory, as well as various outreach activities, including publishing Manga, essays and novels, and TV appearance and SNS. Invited lectures at numerous physics conferences and public seminars.

Exhibited Artwork: Every day is a new beginning

Production started in July 2017, and parts of the performance was on stage in August, September, October and December 2017 as work-in-progress. Trial performance in January 2018 at Creative Center Osaka BLACK CHAMBER. Full performance stage at ROHM Theatre Kyoto, September 2018.

Story by Ame Deguchi (Megumi Matsuo)

Dramaturg by Ame Deguchi, Koji Hashimoto

Direction by Hidekazu Maeda

Choreography by Yuki Goda, Kyoko Nomura

Music composition by Yannick Paget

Performance by Yuki Goda, Sho Takiguchi, Kyoko Nomura, Koji Hashimoto, Hidekazu Maeda, Yannick Paget (Piano, Percussions), Ryotaro (Accordion, Synth)

Stage direction by Akihisa Yamamoto



Chise Hatsuoka

Do you know the planets out of the solar system? We draw the planets, using “exokyoto” as a database made by Mr.Yamashiki in Kyoto University.


Exhibited Artwork: Introduction of activities of Moriyama High School Habitable Study Group


Miri Yamanaka

“Behind the 200 year old oil business(Yamanaka Oil Shop) which still continues today from the Edo period. Untold real life story of WWII experience and bazaar story surviving the bomb attack by B-29 Superfortress. Artwork history begins as old from the Heian period.

My mission is to preserve and develop this historical treasure.”

Exhibited Artwork: SURVIVING The WWII B-29 BOMB ATTACK
Drawing & Photo
Michael Whittle

Michael Whittle is a British artist and researcher who has been based in Kyoto for the last 10 years. He originally qualified and trained as a biochemist before changing subjects to study fine art, eventually writing his PhD thesis on ‘Diagrams in fine art’ at Kyoto City University of Arts.

Exhibited Artwork: Portraits of Thought


Nicolas Juif
Shoei Hattori

4th grade Undergraduate student of Kyoto University

Major in mechanical engineering

”Tensegrity horse” is a tensegrity sculpture based on horse musculoskeleton.

Exhibited Artwork: The tensegrity horse
Theadora Ballantyne-Way

The work of Theadora Ballantyne-Way distorts and questions viewers’ sense of perception. Lying somewhere between the immateriality of the imagination and the materiality of the handmade, her misleading depictions of reality force us to question what it is we might really be seeing. Her enlargement of diminutive everyday objects is not a critique of consumer habits but a celebration of the surreal, and a playful challenge to the rich history of English pastoral.

Exhibited Artwork: Print Artworks





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