Selected Awards


2021-大阪府・大阪市よりReborn コンテンツ発掘 PROJECT 「大阪 REBORN 賞」に選ばれました。

2020-一般社団法人芸術科学会の2020年度Art and Science Awardに選ばれました。

2017-Tims Square Arts “Midnight Moment”に作品「Sound of Ikebana」が採用されました。

2016-文化庁 文化交流使に選ばれました。


2004-Winner of 2nd Prize for Nabi Digital Storytelling Competition of Intangible Heritage, Organized by Art Center Nabi under the official endorsement of UNESCO


2000-Accepted for Interactive Art section Award in ARS Electronica (Linz, Austria)

2000-Accepted for Vida3.0 Artificial Life “Unconscious Flow” (Fundación Telefónica, Spain)

1997-First Prize, L‘Oreal Grand Prix for research combining art and science Award

1996-The Third IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems (ICMCS) ベストペーパーアワード受賞 

1993-Accepted for Ars Electorica ’93 : Artificial Life (Linz, Austria)

1990-Accepted for SCAN ’90 Video Art Exhibition (Tokyo, Japan)

1989-Accepted for ARTEC ’89: First Nagoya International Biennial (Nagoya City Science Museum, Japan)

1988-Accepted for the BACA’s 21st Annual Film-Video Festival (Jefferson Market Library, New York)

1987-Accepted for The 21st Annual New York Film-Video Exposition (Metropolitan Art Museum, New York)

1987-Accepted for the San Francisco International Film Festival: Golden Gate Awards (San Francisco)

1987-Accepted for Video Culture Canada ’87 (Toronto, Canada)

1987-Second prize at the American Film & Video Festival: Video Art Section (New York)

1987-Accepted for SIGGRAPH ’87 (Anaheim, California)

1986-3rd prize for Independent Artist Selection, National Computer Graphics Association(Anaheim, California)

1986-A Bronze Prize at The International High technology Art Exhibition (Tokyo, Japan)

1986-Accepted for SIGGRAPH Art Show ’86 (Dallas Texas)

1985-Accepted for 2nd International Biennale Video CD 85 (Ljubljana, Yugoslavia)