Mr. Shuhei Toyoda


In the session, I will talk about possibilities of the collaboration work between “Business and Art”,  “Technologies and Art”.  
I only have a long career in the technologies and engineering, but from the viewpoint of a top management of a company, I really want to have sense of Design and Art.  Because I think we have to change our business style for a future business and I believe arts and designs can change our business mind and a sense of a business.  That is why we are working with Professor Naoko Tosa.  

Especially in Japan, business persons are needed to be creative to make companies more competitive.  In the era of mass production and mass consumption, Japanese industries were very strong and only focused on applying cutting edge technologies to new products and Kaizen.  I think now it is time to change the style of business, i.e. we need to think “why“ instead of “what” and “how” .  It may be very difficult to change our business style, therefore the role of art and design will be important.  

At the very beginning stage of collaboration between business and art, I set the place with some arts which attract different kind of people and activate communication, like Agora.  People in the place are inspiring each other, then cooperation will emerge.  Then a cooperation will be a collaboration.  The collaboration between business person and artists will create new products, ideas and concepts.  During a collaboration work, both sides can be learning different approaches, thinkings and methods each other.  That process makes one plus one be more than two.



Mr. Shuhei Toyoda

President and CEO, TOYODA & CO.,LTD
 Short bio 

Born in 1957.  Received M. E. degree in solid state physics from Osaka University in 1983.  Joined NGK Insulators LTD. (1983-2003) .  He had been researching the growth method of oxide single crystals, fabrication of optical components, thin film deposition, optical fiber sensors, spatial light modulator, fiber optic gyro, optical parallel transmission module in corporate R&D Group and Electronics Business Division of NGK Insulators LTD. He was assigned project manager of Joint R&D project with US based companies, in Silicon Valley as R&D Manager (1993-1995) and in L. A. as CTO (2000-2002) .
Started Liaison Works (self-owned business) in 2003 which consulted small and start up companies and at the same time, working for The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of METI as a Project Manager.
From 2010, President and CEO, TOYODA & Co., Ltd.

He is member of 
Japan Photonics Council (Director)
Japan Photonics Council West (Vice Director)
The Laser Society of Japan(Chair, “Hikari Kansei” Technical Committee)
The Optical Society of Japan
The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan
Osaka Building Owners & Managers Association, technical committee member

“Connecting Spaces, Information, Technologies and People”
Established in 1675, Koraibashi, Osaka, Japan

Owner of office building, real estate leasing, consulting work on R&D, prototyping, market development, sell optical fiber and optical components.