Installation & Workshop

Tim HillTim Hill is an artist and Stone Mason, recently moved to Kyoto from the UK. His artwork brings into focus small mundane details which playfully explore metaphysical themes. The installation presented called “Sir Patrick Moore Explores his own Mortality” collates famous astronomer and broadcaster Sir Patrick Moore’s musings on death and space exploration, sampling the longest continuously broadcasted show on the BBC, The Sky at Night. Exhibited Artwork: Sir Patrick Moore Considers His Own Mortality  
Sagar PatelOriginally from Montreal and based in Kyoto, Sagar designs and creates interactive digital experiences in several mediums including traditional screens, projections, VR/XR as well as installations combine these with the physical world. He specializes in live generative audio-reactive performances and instalations that aim to evoke connections between senses in a manner analogous to synesthesia. Exhibited Artwork: KMOF2018  
N.C. Honghoon Chung & Alejandro Van Zandt-EscobarN. C. Honghoon Chung is a computational scientist and media artist. He explores impacts, developments, and aesthetics of new technologies using data visualization, video arts, and new media. Born in South Korea and grew up in the United States, he studied engineering and visual arts at Duke University before obtaining a PhD in computational biology from Princeton University. On the Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics at University of Warsaw, he conducts independent research in genomics, modern statistics, and machine learning. Alejandro Van Zandt-Escobar is a composer and music producer, based in Paris, France. His recent works include an experimental saxophone and electronics duo Solapur Road (XVI Records) and a live afro-electronic trip hop group Lucked In. He collaborates with Sarah Fdili Alaoui, creating and performing a live interactive musical composition for her 2018 dance piece Skin (Paris, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem). He studied computer science at Princeton University, in addition to interactive and sound arts at Simon Frasier University and Goldsmiths, University of London. Exhibited Artwork: Neural Reflection  
Kumi Kaguraoka“The body is a tool to interact with the world through one’s senses.” As an artist, this is my statement regarding art. By utilizing contemporary technology and historical verification, through my art, I will be paying attention to “beauty” that has been influencing the “body” in the history of human beings. Currently, we are advancing the creation of a device that guesses the aesthetic body of the present and the future from the history of the birth of human beings, with the concept of “aesthetic body’s metamorphose”to create that aesthetic body. The work I have done so far is not merely a modeled object but a work that functions based on the concept. Therefore, before I start working, I always start by researching about the concept, the materials and how to make the artworks. Based on that research and after clarifying the vision presented to society as well as the image of the work, I start creating art. The “Body”, the axis of statements and concept, is what everyone has and can share about. Since it can approach not only art but also aspects of design, science, history, etc., my vision of presenting new creations requires articulate planning, research and presenting the results to society. I have been working on clarifying this vision through my works for the past few years. I believe that this creation goes beyond the realm of art. I intend for my creations to lead to a new future, which does not get caught up by common sense, and instead encompasses the possibility of changing existing values. Exhibited Artwork: 美的身体のメタモルフォーゼ – Metamorphose of aesthetic body  
Hemma PhilamoreHemma Philamore is a lecturer in robotics at Kyoto University. Tree Synth is an interactive sound installation inspired by the function and aesthetic of Komomaki(菰巻き), protective tree wrapping, practiced in Japan. Sensors made using adapted kimono fabric are used to sense the subtle electrical interaction between humans and wrapped trees or other structures. This information is used as an input to a miniature digital synthesizer. Exhibited Artwork: Tree Synth  
Kazuki Ide, Tomoya MatsuuraKazuki Ide , Pharmacist, Faculty member at Kyoto University Kazuki Ide is a registered pharmacist living in Japan. After receiving a PhD from the University of Shizuoka (Japan) in September 2016, he has been a Program-Specific Assistant Professor at the Center for the Promotion of Interdisciplinary Education and Research, Kyoto University since October of the same year. His broad research interests include social medicine, public health, epidemiology, clinical nutrition, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), and related technologies. He has published over 60 peer-reviewed articles in reputable international journals, as well as three book chapters. He has also contributed as a peer reviewer to several international academic journals (reviewing >50 articles per year). He recently became interested in the integration of science and art to reach people’s deep consciousness, leading to his work with Mr. Matsuura. Tomoya Matsuura , Artist, Musician Tomoya Matsuura is an artist who focuses on shoegazing, post-rock, and ambient music (both as a band member and a solo act). He has performed at the Fuji Rock Festival and other reputable festivals in Japan and foreign countries, as well as released original music. His work was selected as one of the best albums of the year by the “Sounds Better With Reverb” (a media company) in Australia (2015), and succeeded globally. In addition, he has provided tracks to other artists, movies, and TV shows, with works receiving several awards—SPACE SHOWER Music Video Awards (2004) and ADC 83rd Annual Awards (2005). He also started the production of a set of works entitled “Pursuit of Truth,” which integrates mysticism and the beauty of nature and space. It includes a sound installation that contains thousands of layers of voices, including ultrasonic waves beyond the audible range, and pieces that depict the cycle of the microscopic world using a scanning electron microscope. Exhibited Artwork: VeraX  
Video & Sound
Kongmeng LiewKongmeng Liew is a currently a PhD student in cognitive and behavioural sciences at the Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University. He researches the interaction between culture, emotion and music cognition, under the supervision of Yukiko Uchida, and from 2019 will be a Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. He is also a sound artist and composer of contemporary classical music. He was awarded the top prize at the 2013 Goethe Institut Young Composers in Southeast Asia Competition, and the 3rd prize at the 2014 Asian Composers League Festival Young Composers Competition. As a composer, his pieces have been performed by contemporary classical musicians such as the Ensemble Surplus, ensemble mosaic, Quatour Bozzini, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, and the SETTS Ensemble, amongst others. Kongmeng holds a Master of Arts (Research) from the School of Art, Design, and Media, Nanyang Technological University, where he studied sound art and psychoacoustics with PerMagnus Lindborg, and perception and cognition with Suzy J. Styles. He also holds a Bachelor of Music (Composition) from the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music, National University of Singapore, where he studied with Ho Chee Kong. Exhibited Artwork: 「Chirping」 (DEMO) a real time sonification of happiness-related tweets from Singapore and New York  
Drawing & Photo
Shintaro Arai1st grade undergraduate student of Kyoto University Faculty of Science “Natural” is an album of cities as natural environment. Exhibited Artwork: Natural  
Interactive System
Maria RoszykMaria Roszyk (PL, b. 1993) is an intermedia artist, writer and researcher. She creates poetic interventions at the intersections of digital and analog; the virtual and the tangible. Roszyk is a founder of Spatial Web Lab – an experimental laboratory for exploring the possibilities of web in Mixed Reality. Her ongoing research looks into startup culture and investigates how startup methodology can be applied to arts community. Her works were exhibited at Usagi Gallery (NYC), Gallery SKALA: (Poznań), intershop interdisciplinarie (Leipzig), Prime Produce (NYC), CLB Gallery (Berlin). She received a BA in printmaking from the University of Art in Poznań and MFA in art history from the University of Adam Mickiewicz in 2017. School for Poetic Computation alumni (NYC, 2018) and Adam Mickiewicz Institute grantee. Exhibited Artwork: One Minute Stories  
William Conroy & Owen BennetLiam and Owen have been programming games, apps, installations and everything else for a long time. Together they run Nekologic, a company that focuses on bridging the real and the digital worlds. They have a particular interest in AR and game assisted learning. They are assisted by Ada, the rescue cat. Exhibited Artwork: Interactive System