Greeting talk


Expansion of Dimensions in Art Expression

1.1 芸術における型について
1.1 Form in art

1.2 型を超えて
1.2 Beyond form

1.3 表現のためのツールによって芸術表現の世界は広がる
1.3 Art expression can be expanded by using expression tools

1.4 芸術は魂の語る言葉である
1.4Art is a language expressed by our soul

1.5 人の魂を打つ新しい芸術とは何だろうか
1.5 What is new art form that can appeal to our soul?

1.6 AIは芸術を作れるか
1.6 Whether can AI create art or not?


Prof. Makoto Nagao
Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University
 Short bio 

Makoto Nagao was born in 1936. After graduating Dept of Electronic Engineering, Kyoto University he served as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor at Kyoto University and in 1973 became Professor of Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University. Since then, he served as 23rd President of Kyoto University (1997-2003), Chair of the Japan Association of National Universities (2001-2003), Founding Director of National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (2004-2007), and Librarian of the National Diet Library (2007-2012).
He has been awarded Medal with Purple Ribbon (1997), Person of Cultural Merit (2008), Japan Prize (2005), the Order of Culture (2018), IEEE Emanuel R. Piore Award (1993), Medal of Honor (IAMT) (1997), ACL Lifetime Achievement Award (2003), Legion of Honor (2004), and others.
Some of his published books are “Knowledge and Reasoning”(1998), “AI and Human” (1992), “Electronic Library” (1994), “What is ‘Understanding’” (2001), autobiography titled “Ability to read information and mind to learn” (2010) and others. Also, he edited “Natural Language Processing” as one of Iwanami Software Science Series and others.
He served as Founding Chair of the Association for Natural Language Processing (1994), Chair of the Institute of Electronic, Information and Communication Engineers (1998), Chair of Information Processing Society of Japan (1999), Founding Chair of International Organization for Machine Translation (1991), and others.