Fifty babies’s UBUGOE

“Sound of Ikebana” is a collection of new type of video artworks which are created by shooting Ikebana-like shaping, generated by giving sound vibration of the first cry of the babies that was born under COVID-19 pandemic to liquid such as pastel color, oil, etc., by a high-speed camera.  This new type of ikebana (flower arranging) is created by capturing beauty of a physical phenomenon by shooting it with a high-speed camera of 2000 frames/second. The beauty is in one sense created by the collaboration between the physical phenomenon and an artist’s sensitivity and gives us an unforgettable strong impression.

「Sound of Ikebana:⾳のいけばな」は、「命輝く未来社会」をテーマに、⼤変な状況の中で⽣まれた⺟⼦、そして医療従事者への感謝と⽀援を⾏うため、コロナ禍で生まれた⾚ちゃんの産声を“いけばな“として作品化した「世界にたった⼀つの音から作られたいけばな」作品です。1/2000秒のハイスピードカメラで撮影された世界は、肉眼では決して見ることの出来ない“Invisible Beauty(見えざる美)“の世界へ私達を誘います。