Bridging Interactive Technologies and The Art of Paper-craft



Paper craft is a type of traditional art with a long history in different cultures, supporting rich interactivity with artists’ hands. In this presentation, I will introduce a series of technologies and toolkit based on selective wireless power transmission (SIPT) to support interactive paper craft. The novelty of our method lies in the power transmitter can be controlled to selectively activate different receivers in the context of wireless power transferring with multiple receivers. This was achieved by changing the output frequency of the power transmitter and the impedance of the receivers. With this method, users could easily design new types of paper-computing system without worrying about the arrangement of the
massive wire connection to power supply. Further more, with this technology, paper material with multiple embedded receivers, can not only selectively receive inductive power to perform paper-computing behavior, but also work as input devices to communicate with power transmitter wirelessly.


Dr. Zhu Kening

Assistant Professor, School of Creative Media
 Short bio 

Dr Kening Zhu is an Assistant Professor at the School of Creative Media. He received his PhD degree from the National University of Singapore, and his bachelor degree on Computer Science from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China. His research interests cover various topics on human-computer interaction (HCI), including interaction design, tangible
user interfaces and rapid prototyping. He is currently conducting research on designing novel interfaces for kids coding education, gesture-based mobile interaction, and smart material for rapid prototyping.

Zhu has published his research in various conferences and journals, including SIGGRAPH, CHI, ACE, AML, Interacting with Computers etc. He received the first prize of Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards in 2011, and is now serving as a jury member for the aforementioned Awards. In addition, he is a reviewer for many conferences and journals, including SIGCHI, SIGGRAPH, ISMAR, ICEC, Virtual Reality (Springer), Advances in Human-Computer Interaction, and Advances in Software Engineering.